Friday, March 12, 2010

Oddballs in my life.

We have had a good week in our house. I have been in a good mood and we have had no real issues. It occurred to me that I didn't really have anything to write about, but I felt like writing. I spent all day trying to find inspiration. Can't talk about this. That is not interesting. Every time a subject came up it was either way too involved for me to get into here or completley irrelevant. Then, my kids were funny. Inspiration!

All of our children do strange things. Thats part of being a kid. You get to do totally off the wall things and you get an automatic pass because you are a kid. Things adults would (should?) never do in public. I will share with you some of the humorous things people in my family do.

Some boys think it is okay to pick their noses....

My son Luke

Some girls think it is okay to stuff their faces full of cake, just because it's their birthday...

My niece Addyson

Some boys think they are magic, milk producing little humans..


Some girls think it is okay to jump off of daddy's back because "they can fly"

My daughter Nicole

Some boys think it's okay to get their heads stuck in banister rails.

My son Hayden

Some little girls think they rule the world....


Now, I know I said adults should not do some of these things in public... But some do...

This big boy picks his nose

My brother in law Lucas

Some one thought I should chill on a gators back..

Me about 1 year old

Apparently it runs in the family..

Some big boys think they are Dr. Seuss.... No, it was not Halloween..

My dad

Some boys think it is okay to kiss other boys while their wives are RIGHT THERE!

Yeah.. My dad

Some big boys think it is okay to get hammered at a perfectly dignified birthday party their daughter threw for them..

And then hang out on the ground because "It is rude to leave a friend on the ground alone. Even if he is drunk."

Well, I enjoyed going through some hilarious and some mildly funny pictures. I hope you did too.

I have 60 bajillion pictures. I'm sure I'll do this again some time.

Until then, lets hope I have another good week, and some actual inspiration. :)